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Wednesdays Training – 10/4/15

November 04, 2015












10 x rope climbs

3 min AMRAP
5 x wall balls 20/14
5 x t2b
Rest 4 minutes
3 min AMRAP
5 x burpees
5 x KB swings 70/55

Coaches Choice

Coach Shane’s Tip:


Focus on footwork with the rope and standing up in the rope. Bring the knees as high as possible before resetting feet in the rope. This will give you more distance covered when you stand.


This is all gas pedal gang. 3 minutes, short rep scheme, so get after it!!! You have a 4 minute rest in between to regulate heart rate and breathing so focus on your rest. Remember, be strong mentally!!! When you enter that “pain cave” hang out for a little bit longer each time and you will discover you are far more stronger mentally than you thought possible!!

Do Work Gang!!!


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