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Mondays Training – 11/23/15

November 21, 2015









OH Squats
2 minute rest between sets

4 min AMRAP
6 x pullups
6 x hand release pushups
rest 4 minutes
8 min AMRAP
6 x full cleans (155/105)
6 x push press (155/105)

* Progressions: If athlete cannot do full cleans then have them do power clean + front squat

Coach Shane’s Tip:


Focus on bar path staying over midline. Get your coach involved! Armpits forward and descend into your squat with control!


NO KIPPING PUSHUPS!!! These are hand release not release you from any obligation to do them correctly!!! Legs stay locked, core stays engaged, and hips and chest rise together off the floor. Give each AMRAP your all as you have a 4 minute rest between to regulate heart rate and breathing.

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