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Fridays Training – 11/6/15

November 05, 2015

Double Under Funny








Skill/ Strength

EMOM for 20 minutes

Odd – 3 push press
Even – 30 dubs (3:1)

Core/Cool Down

Coach Shane’s Tip:


Focus on bracing and proper form gang! Back flat, shoulders pinned, vertical shin and keep that posterior chain engaged!!! Work up to a weight that challenges you for 5 reps but does not decimate you or your mechanics.


You do not want to be using your entire first minute to get 3 “heavy” push presses. It will catch up with in the long run paired with 30 double unders in the following minute. Use a moderate weight, knock down 3 reps and rest.

When it’s time to hit the dubs hit them quick but steady and use your rest wisely to endure the whole 20 minutes. Finish strong on this one guys!

Team WOD on Saturday…who’s in????


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