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Friday’s Training – 10/13/15

November 11, 2015








Skill/ Strength


3 x shoulder to overhead 135/95
6 x t2b
12 x wall balls 20/14

Core/Cool Down

Coach Shane’s Tip:


Work up to a weight that will challenge you for 5 reps but not crush you guys.

Warm up thoroughly and make sure the forearms and wrists are mobile before starting this portion. We want the bar to rest on your shoulders not in your hands in front of your collar bone!!! Let your body support the weight!!


It’s go time with this one guys!! We have a push, we have a pull, and we cap it off with a full body movement in the wall ¬†balls! Think unbroken as much as possible during the overhead and t2b. Take a deep breath, and cycle through those wall balls steadily! This is a great finisher to the week!!!

Stay Saucy My Friends!


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