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Coaches Corner

Lite Programming 19th and 21st

Monday 00:00 – 10:00 10 pushups 10 lunges jog 100m 10:00 – 20:00 :30 plank right :30 plank :30 plank left 30 cycle crunches 20:00 – 30:00 4 burpee box overs 6 pullups run 50m 30:00 – 40:00 8 burpees box overs 12 pullups run 100m Thursday Partner WOD 00:00...

Programming September 18th – 23rd

Programming for this coming week gang! I will have a neighborhood route mapped out for the 5k on Monday for you or you are welcome to run the 400m route. On Fridays deadlifts work up to what you feel is a good first set of 5 and then add weight each set as long as form remains...

Lite Programming Sept. 12th & 14th

Tuesday  00:00-10:00 jog 50m 5 pushups 7 situps 9 squats 10:00-20:00 20 cycle crunches :30 plank 20 situp to v-up :30 plank 20:00-40:00 run 200m 10 box jumps 15 russian kb swings Thursday 00:00-10:00 5 wall balls run 50m 10 burpees run 50m 10:00-20:00 10 gator taps 20 flutter...

The Mop and Consistency

I had a great conversation today with one of my athletes. The reason for this conversation may surprise you but I felt it lent the opportunity for an observation. This athlete was dealing with a dilemma of whether to continue their membership with us or start a membership with...

Programming Sept. 11th – Sept. 16th

Another great week of workouts in store for you ATCF!!! Be prepared, come prepared, and let’s dig deep for it this week!! All workouts are courtesy of the CrossFit mainsite yet again!!! Monday Warm-Up 10 minutes of run 200m 15 jumping jacks 12 mountain cimbers 9 boot...

Lite Programming Sept. 5th & 7th

Tuesday 00:00-10:00 6 lunges 12 pushups jog 100m 10:00-20:00 1 minute plank 10 situps :30 side plank left 10 cycle crunches :30 side plank right 10 penguins 20:00-40:00 15 wall balls 10 burpees 200m run Thursday 00:00-10:00 20 jumping jacks 15 squats 10 kb push press 10:00-20:00...

Programming Sept 4th – Sept 10th

Programming for this week ATCF!!! Due to the overwhelming positive reviews of this  past weeks training we are continuing with a second week of CrossFit main site programming! I have seen some great coaching and plenty of light bulb moments from you guys and that is what good...

Lite Programming August 29th & 31st

Tuesday  00:00-10:00 2 burpees 4 wall balls 6 pushups jog 200m 10:00-20:00 10 leg lifts 10 cycle crunches 1 minute plank 20:00-40:00 6 russian kettlebell swings 8 goblet squats 10 kb push press run 400m Thursday 00:00-10:00 20 jumping jacks 10 lunges 5 pullups or beat swings or...

Musings from Level 2 Training

I recently had the opportunity to attend the CrossFit Level 2 seminar in Seattle at CrossFit Belltown. To say it was a great experience would be a massive understatement and I would like to share with you why. First off lets discuss what the Level 2 seminar is: What is the...