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Coaches Corner

Journaling, Knowledge, and Performance

Good evening ATCF!! Wednesday’s training has presented a perfect opportunity for this blog post and I’m excited to revisit this topic. I want to talk to you about two things which go hand in hand if you will. The first is journaling or tracking our fitness journey by...


Good morning A-Team! As most of you have come to realize we have adopted a new slogan, if you will, for our gym. I have used the hashtag on most social media posts and it even adorns our great new apparel line from Forever Fierce. Gone are the days of “We Don’t Use...

Lite Programming July 18th & 20th

Tuesday 00:00 – 10:00 10 pushups 10 squats 10 situps Then max distance run in time remaining 10:00 – 20:00 1 minute plank 20 penguin 10 knee raises 20:00 – 40:00 Run 100m 6 box overs 8 burpees 10 lunges Thursday 00:00 – 10:00 3 pullups or ring rows 6...

Pull-up Clinic Saturday July 22nd @ 8AM

Struggling with gymnastics work on the rig? This clinic is for you then! Saturday morning @ 8AM Coach Shane will be going over the steps to being successful with your gymnastics on the pull-up rig. Discussion will include strength development, skills and drills to develop your...

On Teamwork

What an amazing weekend! ATCF attended the 2017 Atomic Throwdown at Natural Selection CrossFit on Saturday and a great time was had by all. NSX always puts on a quality event and this year was no exception! As always there are always those standout moments during such...

Programming July 17th through 23rd

Warm-Up mobility (each movement is 1 minute each side) foam roll – t spine couch stretch ankle dorsiflexion pigeon pose Activation (5 minute cap) 1 round 200m jog 100m sprint 10 pvc oh squats 10 pvc pass thrus 5 beat swings 5 pushups Barbell (3 minute cap) 5 back squats 5...

Rediscover the Journey, Not the Destination

I see it all the time. An athlete starts a new program and they are all in. They have partaken of the sweet Kool-Aid and relished in their new found discovery of a path to fitness. The lingo begins to become a part of their vocabulary, they walk past large objects and size them...

CrossFit Lite Programming July 11th & July 13th

Tuesday 00:00 – 10:00 run 200m 10 pvc pass thrus 8 squats 6 russian kb swings 10:00 – 20:00 1 min plank 20 cycle crunches 10 leg lifts 20:00 – 40:00 20 goblet squats run 100m 10 pushups run 50m Thursday 00:00 – 10:00 2 minutes max burpees 2 minutes max...

Programming July 10th – 15th

Programming for this week everyone! Please keep in mind that we will be having some new faces on the floor starting this week from our last New You 6 Week Challenge as well as those that are starting their challenge so please welcome them to the gym and introduce yourselves!!!...