6413 Burden Blvd.
Pasco, Washington 99301


Atomic Throwdown @ NSX Saturday July 15th – No Classes That Day

There will be no Saturday Team WOD or CrossFit Lite on July 15th as we will be attending the 2017 Atomic Throwdown Comp at Natural Selection CrossFit on that day representing A-Team! Please come out and support the following athletes repping our gym!!!!:

Phebe Johanson/ Tyler Easton

Marty Britt/Sarah Howell

Alex Carbaugh/Mikayla Johnsen

Gabby Hernandez/Jed Abastillas

Jen Perkins/ Trevor Misipeka

NoNo Zarate/ Leslie Jiminez

Kasey Flippo/ Andrew Misipeka

Shane Arnott/ Sonya Veldman


Programming July 10th – 15th

Programming for this week everyone! Please keep in mind that we will be having some new faces on the floor starting this week from our last New You 6 Week Challenge as well as those that are starting their challenge so please welcome them to the gym and introduce yourselves!!!
There will not be a Saturday Team WOD or Saturday CrossFit Lite this week due our gym’s attendance at Natural Selection CrossFit’s Atomic Throwdown Competition!! Please come out and show your support for our gym as they represent ATCF for a great cause!!! It’s going to be a great week for training, although a hot one, so stay hydrated, stay focused, and stay the course!
Time to educate, train, and evolve!!! – Coach Shane

Foam Roll Lats – 1 min each side
couch stretch – 1 min each side
ankle dorsiflexion – 1 min each side
pigeon pose – 1 min each side
1 round
walk 200m
jog 200m
8 wall balls
10 pushups
12 situps
5 back squats
5 elbow rotations
5 front squats
5 strict press

Front squats
16 min E2MOM (8 rounds):
x 10 reps @ 50% of 1RM
6 min AMRAP:
4 OHS 95/65lb
8 pull ups

5 sets of:
6-8 strict T2B
30 double unders
squat cleans 135/95
bar facing burpees

Strict shoulder press
5×2, ascending in weight
12 minute AMRAP
Buy In 200m run
15 wall balls 20/14
30 box overs 24/20

Prep for Conditioning
Running intervals:
4 x 100m sprint
…1 min rest between each round…
Then, straight into:
ME 1000m run

Back squats
6×1, ascending in weight
*18 min time cap
3 minute AMRAP
4 pullups
4 push jerks 135/95
rest 3 minutes
3 minute AMRAP
8 pushups
8 deadlifts 135/95

4th Annual Cancer Crackdown



Join us in our 4th Annual Cancer Crackdown Competition where a portion of proceeds from Entrance fees and donations will be donated to The Max Cure Foundation for Pediatric Cancer in honor of those little angels we have lost and honoring those who have fought this horrific disease and won! Entrance Fee is $120 and we will have both RX’d and Scaled Team Divisions (Workouts will be released 1-2 weeks prior to the event). Athlete checkin will be 7:30 am and First Heat kicking off at 9 am.

Pretty cool prizes to the winners thanks to the very generous sponsors and donations we have supporting this event…. And we are looking for additional sponsors!!

We will have a vendor area in The Wolfpack Loft for our sponsors to set up info tables/booths for you to visit for samples and other goodies.


Registration Link:  https://trial-2e88eab7.sites.zenplanner.com/event.cfm?eventId=AEA29A20-3FC2-4F47-9A56-6866296F6AFB

Here it is guys!  Your opportunity to compete!! For those of you not competing, you are encouraged to come and support your fellow Aegis Team CrossFit members.

The competition will be held on 1/21/17 all day and is open to public. Beginners are encouraged ( 3 months of CrossFit training & experience minimum) and there will be a Scaled and RX division. If you plan to register in scaled division you must have basic understanding of movement standards set forth in the events below. We are specifically trying to encourage the beginning and intermediate level athlete to compete.


When: Saturday, 1/21/17  0800-1700 (exact timeline will be posted soon).

Where: Aegis Team CrossFit- 6413 Burden Blvd., Pasco, WA 99301.

Who: Same Sex Teams with 12 slots in each division and gender.

Entry fee: $120, includes T-shirt and covers event logistics and prizes. Payable when you register. NO REGISTRATIONS THE DAY OF COMPETITION, ALL REGISTRATIONS MUST BE COMPLETE BY 6PM 1/14/17.

Contact Info: 509-851-7273 or email Coach Shane: shane@ateamcrossfit.com


Athletes can register for the Scaled or RX division. You will declare your division upon registration. There will be separate men’s team and women’s team divisions. See the WODs to determine which division is right for you. Some guidelines to help you choose:

– the scaled division will involve movements that anyone can perform. If you routinely scale bodyweight movements such as pull ups or use lighter weights than Rx’d often then this division is for you. Judging will hold you to manageable standards, and the “spirit” of the judging will lean towards counting reps as “good”.

– the open division is for everyone else. You should be able to perform most if not all basic bodyweight movements as Rx’d, as well as be able to handle loads typically seen in the CrossFit Open. Judging and ROM standards will be typical for a CrossFit competition.

Lift UP Autism


Three years ago, on October 19, 2013 Josh Everett, TrainHeroic, and more than 350 boxes in the fitness community, rallied together in spectacular fashion to support the Autism community in a worldwide workout event called Lift Up Luke.
This “competition for a cause” specifically sought to support early diagnosis and treatment of Autism, raise funds for the Autism Tree Project Foundation in San Diego, and most importantly, turn a global spotlight on the measured and severe impact of Autism on families and individuals around the world.
Last year, we crushed 2013’s results with more than:
650 Boxes hosting the event
39 Countries represented
7,500 athletes performing the workout
$75,000 donated to our foundations
and 17.5 Million Social Media impressions raising awareness and driving action
This year, we’re looking to raise the bar and take it to a whole other level.
Our 2016 goal: Connect 1,000 gyms and 10,000 athletes around the globe to mobilize around this cause.

You can help us.


Sign up here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/aegis-team-crossfit-lift-up-autism-2016-tickets-27201300823

This Week’s Training 6/13-6/17/16

Warm Up
10 min CAP
jigsaw run
as many rounds in remaining time
5 pullups
10 pushups
20 fire hydrant (5R clockwise/5R counter clockwise / switch)
20 mountain climbers
10 jumping air squats

Deadlift @ 70%
please have the athletes stick with these percentages and reps
1 x max reps up to 15
athletes will need to keep track of their max reps. Next weeks skill will be based off of that

8 min AMRAP
3-6-9-12-15-18, etc
squat clean thrusters
scale 75/55
burpee over the bar

power snatch conmples @ 70 % of snatch or power snatch- whichever is greater
10 min EMOIM
1 snatch grip Deadlift
1 hang snatch pull
1 hang power snatch
1 power snatch

6 min AMRAP
8 wall balls
8 T2B
rest 3 minutes
6 min AMRAP
8 KB swings 53/35 ‘merica’
8 KB wall balls

front squats
2×8 @ 65%
1×5 @ 75%
1×3 @ 85%
1×1 @ 90%
1×1 @ 90+%

Double Unders

single arm KB Clean and Jerk progression

20 cal row
50m waiter walks (25R/25L)
20 pushups
50 KB swings ‘russian’ 70/53

split jerk
those uncomfortable with weight should must go light (pvc or bar) and work on foot work
work to a heavy single

For time
21 power cleans 135/95
100m run
15 power cleans
200m run
9 power cleans
400mm run

This Weeks Training – 4/18/16 – 4/22/16


Pause Back Squats (2 second hold)
– weights will vary here per athlete but we want to try 50-60% of 1rm.
– rest :90 between sets and make sure athletes pause in bottom.

For Time
5 rounds of Cindy
5 pull ups
10 pushups
15 squats
Then finish with
A Bit of Karen
50 wall balls 20/14

EMOM for 6 minutes
10 KB Snatches (5 each side)

Deadlifts 155/105
Burpees over bar

Split Jerk Practice
– if athlete is new to technique they will practice footwork with empty bar ONLY.
– if athlete is proficient then work up to a heavy double with good form.

12 min Amrap
Run 400m
3 hspu
6 t2b
9 box jumps 24/20

Power Snatch
– increase weight across the 6 sets
– any press outs or misses negates the set.

10 Minute AMRAP
3 x clean & jerk 155/105
30 x Dubs (3:1)

Front Squats
“Sally Up, Sally Down”

EMOM for 4 Minutes
8 x KB swings 70/55
4 x Burpee box overs
Rest 4 Minutes
EMOM for 4 Minutes
10 x KB SDHP 70/55
5 x pull ups

This Weeks Training 4/11/16 – 4/15/16

Back Squats
warm up to 70%-80% of 1RM
EMOM for 10 minutes x 3 reps
Prison Break
15 rounds
15-14-13,-…-3-2-1x Burpees
Sprint 100m
Waiters Walks 55/35
Accumulate 8 passes across short length of gym
– swap arms each pass so you end up with 4 passes per arm.
15-minute timecap
Start with 1600m run then in the remaining time complete max rounds of
5x Power clean (135#/95#)
10x Burpees
15x Sit-ups
Push Jerk 135/95
EMOM for 10 minutes x 5 reps
4 rounds
10 x SDHP (95/65)
15 x hollow rocks
20 x Dubs (3:1)
Work up to a max load, rest exactly 2 minutes between lifts
Snatch grip deadlift 1RM
For time
50x Push-ups
50x Pull-ups
50x Hanging leg raises
50x Squats
50x abmats
50x Jumping jacks
Front Squat
warm up to 70%-80% of 1RM
EMOM for 10 minutes x 3 reps
Team WOD
4 players, 2 guys/2 girls
8,000# worth of Deadlift
6,000# worth of Power cleans
4,000# worth of Shoulder to overhead
– scale according to teams. Try to make sure there are 2 guys and 2 girls but modify and scale accordingly.

Maximizing Return on Your Investment

You work hard. Day in and day out. The Grind we call it. We do what we must to support our families and provide for their future. As CrossFitters we are also slightly ahead of the curve because we understand the importance of making time to take care of ourselves through functional fitness. This in turn allows us to lead a healthier, more productive life and help ensure we are around for those we love and care about.

I say all of that to say this. The general public that doesn’t know or has not been exposed to CrossFit liken us to some crazy fitness cult. I tend to think of us more as a family and this is our church. A place we g o for the community and purge out the stress in our life and become better versions of ourselves. We enjoy each others company. We laugh, cut up, cry, argue, and we do that together. But what about the other part? The work?

We all enjoy making gains. Men and women will go to battle for points, its proven. The caveat is if we really want to improve we must focus on the task at hand. We must maximize the return on investment we have made for ourselves in each hour we spend at the box.

You can’t complain about not getting stronger when you don’t commit to challenging yourself with heavier loads. You cant complain about your cardio capacity if you fail to push yourself into the dark place from time to time. You are not going to prevent injury if you do not rest, recover, or contact a professional to assess your situation. Last but not least, you cannot expect to move forward, learn, gain knowledge, hit new PR’s if you spend your whole hour bullshitting around. Yes, have fun. Yes, encourage and support each other. Yes, laugh and cry. But you can’t expect maximum return on your investment if you spend your training time disengaged. You, of all people, owe yourself more than that. Put on your game face for an hour. Be coachable. Do the work. Purge your weaknesses. Strengthen yourself.

At the end of that hour…celebrate your achievements, like we have always done, together.

See ya on the floor!

Coach Shane

Post-Open Plan of Attack

The Open has come and gone. We witnessed some extraordinary performances from everyone, got to cheer until our voices gave out, and left every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears on the floor. Now that the excitement has subsided, the test has been completed, the question beckons…now what?

Let me answer that for you. Enjoy yourself. You heard me right. Get back to doing what makes you happy! Take a deload week, rest up, enjoy some family time and forget everything about the grind for a moment, hit the reset button.

Once that’s done, however, get back to the place where you have fun with your fitness! Get back to the gym consistently, venture outside using your fitness for adventures with your family and friends, and try new things often!!! You worked hard leading up to the test of fitness that is The Open and you survived the ordeal and learned so much about yourself!! Now its time to enjoy the fruits of such labor! Remember what you learned, form a plan to address any weaknesses over the coming year, and rise to the new challenges before you.

Go after those pistols, get your first muscle up, PR an olympic or strength lift, do your first handstand walk, but do it with passion and make it fun! Challenge each other, support each other, and be accountable.

I believe if you follow these simple steps your Open experience in 2017 will be far more exciting and rewarding than you could even imagine!!

See you on the floor!

Coach Shane